20 August 2015


ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

Every once in a while, I end up doing a perspective drawing.  It happened about the same time last year in Paris.  The drawing above is also a work in progress, based on street scapes from the  mid to late 1800s of Portland and California.  Just finished reading True Grit by Charles Portis, and re-reading Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.  Some books are that good!

19 August 2015


ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

... with a feather birdie.  Happy birthday, Banana! 

14 August 2015


Detail from an illustration in progress.  Back to pen and ink, frisket film, newsprint transfer.  Below are studies for crows used in the same set of illustrations.  It is trickier than it looks to draw a silhouette of a crow without it coming across like a pigeon.

4 August 2015


Again, this is not my drawing, but I wish it was.  This is my eldest daughter's pelican that she sketched in Pigma pen with an added wash of watercolour for the beak.

30 July 2015

Prison Break

ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

This is for the INKED July challenge, Prison Escape Day.  I'm in summer mode, and that means the birds are coming out to play!

1 July 2015


Happy Canada Day!  I know -- this is not even a Canada Goose.  I joined a sketch crawl this weekend, and did some one-minute pencil sketches.  The one below inspired the finished illustration above in watercolour, wax, ink, acetone transfer.

26 June 2015

I Heard That!

Pigma 005 to 08

There was a bat on the cover of a book that the kids brought home from the library.  Above is the inked version.

And listen... Obama sings Amazing Grace.