27 May 2018

I See

digital pen on tablet

Playing with my new Surface, screen sketch function. The pen behaves like a pencil - when I turn the tip on its side, I can shade; when I turn the tip straight, I get a fine line.

13 May 2018

Norway Maples

watercolour, pencil

Driving down a section of street on West 10th Avenue, there are these 70-80 feet Maples that seem to cause us all to slow to pedestrian speeds. Magnificent trees.

22 April 2018


watercolour, acetone transfer

Spring on the West Coast means cherry blossoms. On sunny days with a slight breeze, you can walk under pink snowfall.

26 November 2017

Life Drawing

5 minute pose, pencil

Basic Inquiry is a life drawing studio that offers sessions daily. You come with drawing supplies, pay $15, and draw from a model for three hours. Today's session was gestures, ranging from 30 second to 5 minute poses.

2 minute poses, pencil

2 minute pose, pencil

5 minute pose, pencil

23 November 2017


watercolour, ink, wax

Work in progress seems to be the theme of the month. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as I'm still learning and actually making progress. Above is part of an illustration that I'm having a lot of fun creating. A wax candle created just the right amount of resist for painting the jelly fish.