10 November 2014

Huli-huli Owl

Maybe it is the days getting shorter.  Maybe it is all that rain and grey sky.  Maybe it is that my brother has a time share in Hawaii...  Owl in coconut bikini and hula skirt is what you get today.  Watercolour, pen, acetone transfer, and collage.

31 October 2014


Pigma 005 and 05

Last entry for INKtober this year:  Gargoyle.  Happy Halloween, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day.

27 October 2014

Do Unicorns believe in Narwhals?

Pigma 005

Here is a quick one for INKtober.  This has been an interesting way to draw -- once you have the outline for an image, the rest is pretty much letting the pen travel across the page, filling in with patterns.  Drawing as therapy?

23 October 2014


Pigma 005 and 05 on Stonehenge

This week's entry for INKtober.  Done at cruising altitude to Toronto, photographed and uploaded on iPhone.  Blog version was scanned at home.  Here is the original photograph by Ronald Wittek that inspired the doodle:

10 October 2014

Wheeling Like a Chameleon

More ink doodles.  This time a chameleon came out of the pen nib... cycling.  It could happen.  Camouflage works in mysterious ways.  Pigma Micron 01, 05 on Stonehenge.

3 October 2014

Meet Gaston's Bird

I decided to try Inktober this year.  Not the full 31 day marathon, but the 5k pace of once a week.  Here is my first entry, which could fall under the Day 2 topic of "vintage" since Gaston's bird is extinct.  Using the same pen doodling style as I used in Metamorphosis.  Pigma pen on Stonehenge.

WiP - finished doodle and the original model in a book about prehistoric animals

21 September 2014

A Face in the Crowd

"Herman" pen and ink

At a recent SCBWI workshop, Lisa Cinar had our group draw faces.  We were given 10 minutes to fill a page.  I have done this exercise with her before, but it is always worth repeating.  Remember Sebastian?

This time, Lisa added a new spin.  We had to ask the character that we created questions like, "How are you?"  "Where are you?"  "What are you doing here?"

In the span of two hours I had a character named Herman, in the sewer, distraught, holding a fish, and looking for his friend, Gertie, the alligator.  It was a liberating exercise and I have the raw materials for a new story.

Herman Underground - charcoal

Here are some other favourite faces in my sketchbook, all in pen and ink: