10 October 2014

Wheeling Like a Chameleon

More ink doodles.  This time a chameleon came out of the pen nib... cycling.  It could happen.  Camouflage works in mysterious ways.  Pigma Micron 01, 05 on Stonehenge.

3 October 2014

Meet Gaston's Bird

I decided to try Inktober this year.  Not the full 31 day marathon, but the 5k pace of once a week.  Here is my first entry, which could fall under the Day 2 topic of "vintage" since Gaston's bird is extinct.  Using the same pen doodling style as I used in Metamorphosis.  Pigma pen on Stonehenge.

WiP - finished doodle and the original model in a book about prehistoric animals

21 September 2014

A Face in the Crowd

"Herman" pen and ink

At a recent SCBWI workshop, Lisa Cinar had our group draw faces.  We were given 10 minutes to fill a page.  I have done this exercise with her before, but it is always worth repeating.  Remember Sebastian?

This time, Lisa added a new spin.  We had to ask the character that we created questions like, "How are you?"  "Where are you?"  "What are you doing here?"

In the span of two hours I had a character named Herman, in the sewer, distraught, holding a fish, and looking for his friend, Gertie, the alligator.  It was a liberating exercise and I have the raw materials for a new story.

Herman Underground - charcoal

Here are some other favourite faces in my sketchbook, all in pen and ink:

1 September 2014


Put pen down onto paper and just start doodling.  Sometimes, the doodles morph into something interesting.  I am not sure if this creature looks more like a fox or a raccoon.

I am sure that this doodling was heavily influenced by graffiti art that we saw in Paris on Boulevard Raspail by Philippe Baudelocque.  Baudelocque takes his doodles to a whole other level though...

Check out more of Baudelocque's work here.

5 August 2014

After Paris

un raton laveur à paris

Back home and jet lag is but a bad memory.  This drawing was started on our last day in Paris and finished back home:  A Racoon in Paris.  Watercolour, ink, acetone transfer.

WiP - perspective sketch

A picture book influence
by Beatrice Alemagna

...and Beatrice Alemagna's influence,
the lion at Denfert-Rochereau

See Beatrice Alemagna's work here

18 July 2014

Drawing at High Speed

Pen, watercolour, wax, thread on Stonehenge

The above drawing for a wedding card was done while riding the TGV train from Lausanne to Paris.  This high-speed train is said to travel at speeds of up to 322 km/h (200 mph).  It was likely not going at top speed, but is a smooth enough ride to be able to pull out my on-the-go art supplies and do a bit of drawing.  The thread was added in the hotel room where a complimentary sewing kit was put to good use.  No scanner was available, so images are from my iPhone.

WiP - tray table down, supplies out

Then in Brittany, shopping for postcards, I came across this neat souvenir keychain...

I think it was intended to be a portable ashtray that flips open with a click of a latch... but look!  It also works well as a portable paintbrush holder.  On the go, fill with bottled drinking water or whatever you have on hand, and you can pull off a quick drawing.  The design on the lid is a spiral triskelion, a Celtic symbol, treated as a colloquial Breton emblem.

4 July 2014

Acorn and Oak Leaf

wax, watercolour, ink

Continuing to play with candle wax as a resist for ink and watercolour.  Mmm... beeswax smells good too.

WiP - frisket stencil

WiP - wax resist and watercolour

WiP - fountain pen line work

WiP - two finished cards and stencil