24 May 2019

Three Billy Goats Gruff, Three Tries

ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

This is the third version of a cover illustration for the SCBWI WWA conference intensive. The first version had only the shadows. The second version had only the goat heads. The feedback during critique was that the first version is more interesting, but add the goats above in silhouette. Yay, it worked. Great team work, everyone!

12 May 2019


ink, graphite

Trying "more with less." The ink and graphite seem to partner nicely.

4 February 2019


watercolour, ink, acetone transfer

This beagle is the first thing I've drawn this year. I know. No excuse. Woof.

28 October 2018


ink, watercolour


These were images I decided to make with minimal reworking, using only ink or ink and watercolour. I can see that chaos and control are working side by side.

3 September 2018

Leave me

watercolour, ink, newspaper transfer

Detail from art for The Ranger.

11 August 2018

Start with Difficult

pencil, watercolour

It seems so obvious now but it wasn't a month ago. I was making two copies of each drawing so that if I messed up on one, I had back-up.

watercolour, pen

However, the smarter approach is to pick the part of the drawing that you are most likely going to mess up and start there. When you mess it up, you chuck it right away. Aaah... lightbulb. Or as Sumi-san used to say, "All learning is self learning."

This post is dedicated to the Hogarth sisters.