30 July 2012


In our illustration class, we have been introduced to pen and ink.  I can assure you that it is a different relationship from the one I have with pencil and graphite.  With ink, you cannot take back what you say.  At the same time, there is an intensity of intention that I like.  You have to think ahead about composition,  working strategically across the image, line weights, textures, lighting... and don't knock over that ink pot!

We started with a line drawing by a classmate.  Mine was a fascinating composition with an Arthurian theme by Lindsay Ishihiro (her portfolio here).  I am in awe of how, in fifteen minutes, she imagined this and then drew it.  You can see how she thought about the composition by framing the image with black (areas marked with 'x'), and leading your eye to Excalibur with the rocks and steps.  I overworked the inking and ended up with too much stuff near the sword hilt and rocky cliffs.  As our instructor pointed out, light source needs to be considered before the inking begins.  Next time.

Lindsay's original line drawing

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