12 June 2013


Children were warned, "Be good, or else..."

This drawing is part of a larger project in progress, and happens to fit the bill for this week's topic in Illustration Friday.  The original sketch has the children in front of a door frame, but I think that the final composition at side of the school house has more gravity.  Pen, ink, graphite, and acetone transfers.

WiP - original sketch

WiP - inked in figures


  1. Fantastic, I love it! Wonderfully quirky pen and ink cast of characters. Terrific line work.

  2. intersting combination (acetone tranfers - I've never actually done that on a drawing! I take it you use a rather thick paper?) Great figures! And I agree about the wall rather than the door - it makes me think of those old photos of school classes or even families, posing in front of their house (or school). Very nice.

  3. Thank you Cindy, Nancy,
    I used an acetone blender marker to transfer newspaper print and shingle textures. The paper is Rising Stonehenge -- not too thick. So much for spending all that money on acid-free rag paper when I just go into it with acetone ;)