9 October 2013

I Don't Want to Travel

"Except on the back of my tortoise"

The third assignment this week was to make 10 roughs and one finished drawing for a theoretical picture book, "I Don't Want to Travel."  It was pretty much what you would do in real life as an illustrator handed a manuscript to work on.  It was a lot of drawings to pull off in a week -- still recovering -- but a very useful exercise.  Above is the finished drawing for the text, "Except on the back of my tortoise."  Pen and ink on Stonehenge (and unseen but important to process, frisket film and toothbrush).

Below is the initial sketch.  One thing I was advised not to do is put text directly on the image.  It could be a trace overlay to show intended placement.  Oops, next time.

WiP - pencil sketch

Meet Sebastian and Eliza
Before all this, I had to develop a character.  I decided to bring Sebastian back into the fray.  So, who is Sebastian?  Hmmm... he is an architect who wears turtlenecks and drives a Saab.  His home looks like an advert for an interior design magazine -- Eames chairs placed just so next to an overstated lamp.  He has an exuberant young granddaughter, Eliza, who visits occasionally.  They are about to go on adventures, even though Sebastian declares, "I don't want to travel."
None of this is in the text.  It is all stuff made up in my head and jotted down as notes, but really informs the illustrations throughout because now I am thinking about their interactions and expressions, knowing what I know about them.

WiP - Sebastian & Eliza - pencil and collage

Favourite Roughs
In addition to, "Except on the back of my tortoise," I also liked these three pencil roughs...

 WiP - "Except in the jaws of a wolf"

 WiP - "Except in a bottle of raspberry syrup"

WiP - "Except with my catfish"
(see Caillebotte's painting here)

Least Favourite Rough
There have to be some duds among the 10 illustrations.  This was probably the most time intensive and least effective.  Probably because Sebastian and Eliza are no where to be seen.

WiP - "Except on a witch's broomstick"

Phew!  This is a long blog post.  Thanks for your patience if you made it to here.