4 November 2013

A New Muse

Last class, Lisa gave us 20 minutes to make a 3D character out of a variety of materials stuck together with a good ol' glue gun.  This was my character made from cardboard, tissue, buttons, pipe cleaners, and an acorn cap:

3D character

Over the next half hour, we had to draw this character in different poses, from different angles, while varying our medium.  Here are four images from that exercise:

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

The main point of this exercise was to create a model that we would be able to adjust and pose for a sequence, be able to model shadows and realistic angles, as well as be able to extrapolate into a usable character for a story.  I really like Figure 3.  It is the same pose as Figure 1, but the expression of Figure 3 works somehow.  She looks like a spunky character.  Let's call her Hazel.  

Sketches are pen and graphite, or just graphite.

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