21 January 2014

100 Drawings

After feasting and hibernating, it is back to work again.  Part 2 of Lisa's course starts with this challenge:  100 drawings in 14 days using a tool that you created.

Only have five of 100 drawings done, and my favourite so far... DRAGON FIRE!

Drawing 4 - smoke, wax, ink, and pencil

Drawing 5 - smoke/fire, wax, ink, pencil, watercolour

It was while I was baking cookies (productively procrastinating) that the idea for my tool came to me... a CANDLE.  Think of all the ways to use a candle for drawing:

wick & ink

 "varnishing" with wax

Drawing 2 - wax resist, watercolour

Rubbing wax into a stencil created interesting resist effects.  Dripping wax onto the drawing created neat dot patterns.  Then accidentally setting fire to the paper that I was trying to smoke led to the happy accident of Drawing 5 - dragon getting doused.  I literally had to run water over the paper to put out the flame.  Adding blue watercolour afterwards just made the process more explicit.

Drawing 3 - wax, pencil, pen & ink

dripping, smoking, burning...

There will be more posts going up over the next days -- 7 to 8 drawings a day to make it to 100.

"And you've got the hotwax residues." -Beck, Odelay

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