25 June 2014

Dragon et Mr. Suisse

This drawing is not by me, but I wish it was.  This is my 7-year old's pencil drawing.  It is page 4 of a 6 page story that goes something like this:  A fierce dragon and witch terrorize the city of New York.  A Noble knight tries to fend them off, but the dragon eats Mr. Chevalier.  A chipmunk, Mr. Suisse, challenges the pair to Karate, and wins.  Dragon and witch die.   The end.

This image caught my attention because even without reading the story, you immediately get what is going on:  chipmunk challenges dragon to fist fight, dragon snickers at his puny challenger.  Such characters!

1 comment:

  1. Obviously creativity runs in the family. We can expect great things from your 7-yr-old :)