18 July 2014

Drawing at High Speed

Pen, watercolour, wax, thread on Stonehenge

The above drawing for a wedding card was done while riding the TGV train from Lausanne to Paris.  This high-speed train is said to travel at speeds of up to 322 km/h (200 mph).  It was likely not going at top speed, but is a smooth enough ride to be able to pull out my on-the-go art supplies and do a bit of drawing.  The thread was added in the hotel room where a complimentary sewing kit was put to good use.  No scanner was available, so images are from my iPhone.

WiP - tray table down, supplies out

Then in Brittany, shopping for postcards, I came across this neat souvenir keychain...

I think it was intended to be a portable ashtray that flips open with a click of a latch... but look!  It also works well as a portable paintbrush holder.  On the go, fill with bottled drinking water or whatever you have on hand, and you can pull off a quick drawing.  The design on the lid is a spiral triskelion, a Celtic symbol, treated as a colloquial Breton emblem.

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  1. What an adorable card! Good for you to be able to do it on a train.