3 March 2015


Futura 24pt, Bodoni Italic 48pt, Chelt 72pt

The learning continues with letterpress.  Above was the first type that I set and printed.  There are so many flaws in this sample that it would induce gagging among serious letterpress artists.  However, these are my baby steps and I am happy like a kid with a new toy.  I like the methodical ritual of loading each metal letter. I like the colours and sheen that the wood type have absorbed over years of printing.  I like the motion of moving a press across paper.  Even the terminology has a certain charm:  lock-up, quoins, dissing, leading.

Over the past months, I have come to appreciate the role of typeface in design.   Typography is also a crucial aspect of picture book design.  Remember the placement of text in, The Dark?

Chip Kidd pointed out how good typeface design can also work subliminally.  Can you find the symbol in the famous logo below?  Yes, x-height matters.

Univers 67, Futura Bold

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