6 October 2015

Drawing #20

ink, watercolour, pen, linocut print

It has been a long absence, but not for lack of drawing.  Yesterday, I finished the final working drawing for my draft 40-page picture book, The Outlaw.  Feeling fine.

Above is part of that image, and below some process images from the last few weeks:

WiP 10 - pen over frisket film
It can be therapeutic to just draw lines randomly.

WiP 11 - frisket film removed
This will be the front endpaper.  Back endpaper is similar.

WiP 12 - modified linocut

WiP 13 - more frisket film -
Masking for watercolour washes, ink splatters, pen lines, etc

WiP 14 - paper cut-outs and shadows

Work in progress 14 is probably my favourite.  I cut out two figures and moved them under different lighting to cast proper shadows for one of the images near the end.

Next steps, scanning and mocking up a dummy.

Just reward:  seeing Patrick deWitt at the Writers Fest.  Yay!

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