1 January 2017

Going into 2017 with...

 Scene from Star Wars: Rogue One (RIP, Carrie Fisher)

Postings have been sparse for 2016.  There were a lot of creative projects on the go.  For one, I took on the volunteer role of Illustrator Coordinator for SCBWI Canada West.  Working with fellow illustrators has definitely been a highlight, as has working with Groundwood Books on a first picture book.  Then, I could not say "no" to a project to revise a program that I had a part in drafting back in 2003 for the Native Youth Centre.  So, it was a much fuller plate than I had expected at the beginning of 2016.

And now we're on the cusp of another new year.  This will be the first new post of 2017.  Let's start with something from the sketchbook, drawn at the airport.

thumbprint Jyn, pencil Jyn

Strong female characters like Jyn Erso are great fun to draw.  See last year's Rey here.  Happy new year, everyone.  Stay creative.

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