1 May 2012

"... she had scarcely touched the spindle when it pricked her finger."

This drawing was done for an illustration group that I recently joined.  The theme was Sleeping Beauty.  I was aiming for a less conventional way to portray an oft illustrated fairy tale, and here is the result.  A bit too grim (or Grimm) perhaps?
You can see others' interpretations at http://gobananasillustration.blogspot.ca/
Pen and watercolour.


  1. Beautiful! Awesome! You are so inspiring Nancy! I'm very excited to see more of your work, and am looking forward to your first publication. Your work is so compelling in its intimacy.

  2. Wow! Beautiful and intense. A great interpretation. I'm up for the next one now that my comic is rolling along.

    1. Just peaked at your blog. Great stuff. I like your late-night doodles.

  3. Sunni, Helena, thank you. I was hesitant to put up a blog so soon with so little work. However, it has been great getting feedback. The best of both worlds -- retreat and be artist hermit, then blog and chit-chat. I am not so good at the retreat part, and thus the thin portfolio. I mean, really, trawling back 20 years to find art? Sunni, you might even recognize stuff from art school days.