4 July 2012

Refresh - like a gecko

This week's topic for Illustration Friday is Refresh.

Most of us take for granted how easy it is to refresh ourselves -- drink some water, take a shower, run through a sprinkler.  For others, extra effort is required.
As reported for the Daily Mail: 
"A Namibian web-footed gecko licks dew off his eyes that has accumulated when mist forms over the desert in the early morning."
Photographer, Isak Pretorius, achieved his shot after three days of trailing very tiny footprints across the desert.
Above illustration, based on said photograph, is pen and ink.

WiP - pencil sketch on bristol

WiP - photograph and finished drawing


  1. Fantastic frog! What a face. Beautiful light and dark values. (And it's always great to see the initial sketch.)

  2. Fascinating take on the theme! And thanks for sharing the process... it makes the art even more arresting.

    1. Sylvia, Cindy, Colin, thank you. I caught my daughter sticking her tongue out to see how far it would reach on her face. Not quite as far as a gecko's.

  3. simply beautiful
    More please!