7 February 2013

Wheel, Wings, Myth, Ocean

"True, by now he had his sea legs, but he could also see things that his mates could not."

Sometimes I have trouble letting go of an idea.  Four weeks ago, Illustration Friday posted the topic "Ocean" and I had this idea of a fisherman with the tentacles of an octopus.  Missed that deadline.  The next topic was "Myth" so I thought that the original idea could still work.  Missed that deadline.  Week three, the topic was "Wings" and I am thinking this is going to be one strange picture if I hang on.  Missed that deadline too.  This week's topic is "Wheel."  I did not miss the deadline.  It is a strange picture.
Pen, ink, and watercolour.

Inspiration for the image include fantastical images from the music video for the Modest Mouse song, Dashboard, and a fiisherman in the painting by Michael Peter Ancher, Vil han klare pynten, 1879.


  1. Tentacled fishermen, psychedelic mechanical flying fish... and that sky!... I LOVE this illustration.
    Bravo !