2 February 2014

100 Drawings - No. 41 to 52

This next set of drawings I made for the assignment came about when I was trying to figure out how to draw a crow for a dummy book that I am working on.  Well, why not look to the illustrators who inspire me and see how they might draw a crow?  With the exception of Sophie Blackall, who had Crows of Pearblossom as ready-made models, my drawings were mostly conjecture, based on styles for which these illustrators are known.  Let the caw-cawphony begin!

In alphabetical order, CROWS i.t.s.o. (in the style of):

Drawing 41 - wax, pen, ink
See Sophie's colourful original here

Drawing 42 - pen, ink

Drawing 43 - collage, pen, watercolour

Drawing 44 - wax, pen, watercolour
See the swallow who inspired this crow here

Drawing 45 - pencil, ink

Drawing 46 - wax, pencil, watercolour
Okay, I admit it! This is just Jeffers' seagull coloured black!

Drawing 47 - wax, pen, watercolour

Drawing 48 - wax, pen, ink, crayon
So the crow caught this big fish with a hat...

Drawing 49 - pen, watercolour

Drawing 50 - pen, ink, watercolour

Drawing 51 - wax, ink, watercolour

Drawing 52 - ink, crayon
Okay, I admit it!  This is just Willems' bus-coveting Pigeon coloured black.

Time for me to try some crows on my own.  Stay tuned.
And yay, Lisa gave us an extension on the assignment.


  1. My favorite is Shaun Tan's. All the surreal elements are perfect! And the wind-up key! :)

  2. Thanks, Sondy! I procrastinated while drawing by re-reading chapters from, "Tales from Outer Suburbia"