11 February 2014

100 Drawings - No. 53 to 75

All 100 drawings for the assignment are finished -- yay!  However, scanning takes time.  Today, you will just see the crows.  The previous set of drawings were crows in the style of an admired illustrator.  Now it is time to figure out how I draw crows.  First, some two-minute drawings to limber up.  Afterwards, I picked two favourites and turned these into final illustrations.

My Crows

Drawings 74 and 75 - wax, pen, ink, watercolour

Two-Minute Crows
Drawings 53 to 73 - pen and ink

I also liked the last ones which used the carved candle stamp and pen again.  We almost have a story going here:

Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned for the last 25 drawings.


  1. These are fun and have lots of character. Nice job!

    1. Thank you, Linda. The quick stamp and pen ones were the most fun.