25 February 2014

Colour Me Quinacridone?

This week's assignment was to reproduce from our 100 drawings, three that would be in a "reduced colour palette" of up to three colours.  This was almost an exercise in opposites since I am quite comfortable in black and white, pen and ink.  I needed help.  This deck of cards did the job:  PANTONE 35 Inspirational Color Palettes.  After flipping through the cards, I tagged four or five favourite palettes, and chose to work from this one:

Pantone 18-4834, 19-0415, 14-0951, 13-0611

Then it was time to colour-match against available watercolours.  I used:  Phthalo Turquoise, Raw Umber, and Quinacridone Gold to approximate the first three colours above.  For the wax resist, I used a natural beeswax candle instead of the bright orange one from earlier.  Here are the results:

You can compare the originals here and here.  All drawings are on Stonehenge using wax, watercolour, and sepia pen.

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