2 May 2014


My mash-up tribute

I am so happy to see Henny and Two Speckled Eggs recently hatched into the picture book world.

Jennifer K. Mann, author/illustrator of Two Speckled Eggs, was the one who kick-started me on blogging.  Me in 2012:  "What's a blog?"

Elizabeth Rose Stanton, author/illustrator of Henny, was one of my earliest blog followers.

All three of us have in a common a background in architecture.  It means we're extremely organized... right, ladies?

To see more, visit Jen's Red Wagon and Penspaperstudio.


  1. Who knew that all that blood, sweat, tears, and cash that went into architecture school would lead us all to this wonderful pursuit? It's been a little round-about, but I for one am glad for the journey! And so glad to know the likes of you two architect/illustrators!! Bok Bok, and cheers! XO

    1. ...'cuz we worked our axios off to get here.

  2. Henny's bringin' up the rear here. We LOVE the illo of Henny with her party hat and eggs, cuz she's still feeling like celebrating Jennifer and TSE! Yay!
    Kidlit--just the thing for us recovering architects ;) :) Thanks, NV!!

  3. ...it was ortho good. Okay, I'll stop now.