1 May 2014

Next 100 Drawings - five more?

Drawings 111-115 - pen

Well, this is my feeble attempt to pass off 'coon doodles and text as "drawings".  These were done while listening to an inspiring presentation by Holly McGhee at the SCBWI WW conference, so I also took notes while doodling.

And something nifty to share - I have a new favourite ink pen.  I am fond of using fountain nib and ink to draw when I am at home.  However, a pot of ink is not practically portable.  The Pilot Petit1, a small fountain pen, is not fancy nor fussy.  Handy ink cartridge refills are sold in tubes of three.  Petit1 comes in a fun array of colours, but I stuck it out with black.  I found my Petit1 at local store, Paper-Ya.

Pilot Petit1

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